East Hampton Group for Good Government  


Improve Town and School Performance within
Budgetary Constraints (and the new state limit
of 2% on property tax increases)








1.   Issues Confronting Schools:

      –  State requirements for teacher lifetime tenure, union rules, State run pension systems

      –  Hundreds of unfunded state mandates requiring funding by local boards

      –  Cutbacks in state and federal funding

      –  Different priorities between receiving and sending school districts in the Town

      –  Buildings that are aging and may not meet today’s changing needs

      –  An increasing percentage of students for whom English is a second language

      –  Insufficient student preparation in science and math
      –  Need to better integrate technology into the classroom

      –  Providing incentive to the best teachers

      --  The state’s new 2% cap on increases in real estate taxes

2.   Issues Confronting the Town Board:

      –  Improving housing code enforcement

      –  A summer population that is 4 times the year round population

      –  Affordable housing

      –  Improving good year round job opportunities for permanent residents

      –  Neglected road repairs, drainage and maintenance

      –  Increasing efficiency of procedures for handling household waste

      –  Accumulated debt

      –  Years of poor financial record keeping and improper co-mingling of funds

      –  A fragile environment

      –  Dealing with union work rules for Town employees

      --  Disposing of excess assets

      --  The state’s new 2% cap on increases in real estate taxes

      --   Reconciling airport uses and noise

3.   Issues Confronting the Town Trustees:

      --  Protecting fragile environment and beaches

      --  Promoting aquaculture

      --  Controlling dredging

      –  Limited revenue sources

      –  Lack of adequate full time professional staff

      –  Public misunderstanding of their purpose and operations

      –  Avoiding confrontations with State and Federal environmental protection efforts

      –  Balancing needs of residents and preservation

4.   Issues Confronting Villages and Hamlets:

      --  Maintaining essential services and infrastructure

      --  Controlling Taxes with reduced revenues

      –  Local businesses unable to afford increasing rents

      –  Tensions between the needs of full time and part time residents

      –  Discouraging dependence on cars while providing adequate parking

      –  Encouraging year round businesses


5.   Issues Confronting Appointed Boards:

      –  Balancing needs of preservation and development

      –  Preventing overcrowding while maintaining affordable housing

      –  Encouraging more environmentally sensitive development

      –  Withstanding short term political pressures

      –  Encouraging wider participation

      –  Accountability

      –  Consistency

      –  Transparency